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Out-of-Stock Policy

No one hates being out-of-stock on an item more than we do, if we don't have it we can't sell it!  While we do all that is humanly possible to ensure that we have the right inventory levels at all times, occassionally it can not be helped. 

To avoid your items being out-of-stock please issue projections on use or future P.O's to ensure that your orders ship on time everytime with a 100% fill rate.  Please note only Purchase Orders received and accepted by the Company can insure that you will have your items when you need them.  From time to time there are events, such as Acts of G-d, that are beyond our control and may delay containers from reaching our central distribution center and will temporarily make an item out-of-stock.

Supreme Toy and Party, Inc. is not responsible for lost sales due to delays of product resulting from being out-of-stock or shipping delays.  Ordering well in advance of your need by date is always recomended.

In the event that the Company is indeed out of stock on an item your Sales Person will contact you immediately with recomended alternative products to help you with a smooth transition until your desired item comes back in.