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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glow stick?

A glow stick is a plastic container with two chemical inside separated by an ampule. When you bend the stick and hear a "snap" you have cracked the ampule barrier. When this happens the two internal chemicals mix resulting in a reaction that gives off light. When the reaction uses up all the chemicals inside then the glow stops. This process is called Chemiluminescence.

See the image below for more information.

How a glow stick works

Is Glow Safe?

Absolutely, all our products are non-toxic and don't put off any heat or flames. Like all things though you should use common sense when using this product. For more information on the safety of our products and what we do to ensure this please visit our Safety section.

How long will my glow stick glow?

Glow is caused by Chemiluminescence. Like many chemical reactions it is dependent on the temperature of its environment. When it is warm outside the chemical reaction speeds up causing the glow to be brighter but shorter lived. When it is cold outside the glow will be dimmer but will last longer. A general rule of thumb is 8-10 hours of glow, but it will continue past this with diminished glow.